Dear Readers

July  2013

Dear Friends: 

My new collection of poetry, Blackbirds Dance in the Empire of Love, may now be preordered from Finishing Line Press; just click on the Preorder Forthcoming Titles link of the Press's home page to order or click on the Order Form on the pages tab of this blog.  Select all and then right-click your mouse to print out the form.

Before I shamelessly tell you what a wonderful collection this is, please know that the press run is entirely dependent on books sold during the next forty-five days.  If ten copies are ordered and paid for, there will be a very small press run.

And let me put the release of this chapbook in context. Many of you know that I had a stellar early career beginning in the Twin Cities with a first collection, In Pursuit of the Family, invited and edited by Robert Bly,  Minnesota Writers Publishing House, followed by Reunion, Lynx House Press, Christopher Howell, editor, and another chapbook, The Dark Animal of Liberty, poet-editors Jim Grabill and John Bradley.  By 1988 I had been Poet in Residence for the St. Paul Schools, a fellow of the NEA, and earned B.A., M.A. and the MFA from Colorado State University.

I never meant to drop the ball in re my great start. Yet, Blackbirds Dance is my first collection in an unbelievable thirty years—years I spent that were both joyous and productive, as I raised some twenty litters of Golden Retrievers on our beautiful six acres in Colorado, and difficult and harsh—regarding the loss of my mobility in a fall from a horse in 2007.

For the past four years, thanks in part to becoming housebound and connecting to all of you online where you have so kindly encouraged me and helped me regain confidence in my muse and talents, I have been blissfully productive, producing numerous manuscripts of new work, established and maintained two blogs, written a memoir and two novels. 

I am proud to say that I have caught up to myself and am at the top of my game.  Most of the poems in Blackbird have been “vetted” by my very accomplished fellow poets and it is my hope that this book represents my very best work to date.

Here is what the illustrious Dawn Potter, Director of The Conference on Poetry and Teaching, The Frost Place and editor, A Poet’s Sourcebook: Writings on Poetry,  from the Ancient World to the Present, Autumn House Press, 2012, has to say about the collection:

“Jenne Andrews's poems are saturated with color and with music. But more importantly, they overflow with feeling: a deep, unabashed commitment to the knife edge of joy and heartbreak.

"We are the small and temporal things appearing / in the corner of your eye when you flash past," she says. Such lines are a version of suffering; they rail against invisibility. Yet though she declares, "if I knew who I am, or who I ever was / or might become, I would be at rest," the reader understands that Andrews's restlessness is at one with her music. They are interwoven elements of her work and cannot be separated.”

Cover art is a gorgeous painting, Mirage, by the unsurpassable Midwestern painter John Sokol, and an advance review by Jim Moore, Invisible Strings, Graywolf Press 2011, will be featured on the back cover with Dawn’s thoughts.

Please note: press run is entirely dependent upon prepublication sales; for there to be a book, there must be orders to support it and that is the reality for a number of independent publishers in 2013.  Finishing Line chapbooks are award-winning and legendary for their quality; they do not disappoint!     

Please consider buying several copies and sending them to me for inscription.  I’ll return them to you free.  E-mail me at for my mailing address—and thank you!       

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